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Brief Introduction

Anshan SYD science and technology Co. ltd. is established in 2008 and located in high- tech district of Anshan, which on the manufacture of metallurgy and coking industry. We have also been devoting to provide better products for our clients. Training bases have been established based on the innovative patents and cooperation with universities, and consequently a modernized factory and anmely a design & manufacture system has been organized.

Professional concept is always the cradle of profession products. Hence, technical talents of different majors are gathered in S.Y.D science and technology Co. Ltd. to form a professional, cooperative and flexible team for the research and development, production and manufacture, marketing and sales, maintenance after sale of innovative products. Currently, the effective production area in our company has been amplified to 6500m2 and the mechanical processing equipment for production has been increased to over 20 sets, while the high precision CNC processing equipment has already occupied over 68%. Staffs in research and development department have been expanded to over 20 persons. Meanwhile, 5s management is executed on the whole production processes of our products from designing to producing and from independent parts to complete equipment, which has established a solid foundation for transformation of research achievements and improvement of product quality.


Main Clients

      We are regarded as the primary provider by many famous enterprises, universities,scientific research institutions, national inspection organizations, such as Bao steel,Australian CSIOR, Ha Tinh steel, Vietnam and development of Steel, Tata steel, Shenhua group, China coal research institute, Zhanjiang steel, Meishan steel, MCC, An steel, Pan steel, Liu steel, E steel, Kun steel, China university of mining and technology, Wuhan university of science and technology, Xi'an university of science and technology, Inner Mongolia university of technology, university of science and technology Liaoning. Our products are also exported to Canada, India, East Asia, Iran and many other countries.

Technical Strength

       We have also been pursuing for high reliability, stability, accuracy, scientificity, 

preciseness to excellent quality of our products. Our products are developed based on the 

following elements:

      • ?Sophisticated practical experience ?
      • Scientific fusion of technologies 
      • Minimized production cost 
      • Advance with the times 
      • Advanced equipment and assembling process 
      • Customized service for clients 
      • Humanized and intelligentize process 
      • Concierge-like maintenance service 
      • Modularized product structures

?  The sample preparing and performance testing equipment (GB and ISO standards) for raw 

materials of coking coals, cokes and iron ores for metallurgical and coking performance 

tests are customizable for clients, consequently customized experimental equipment and 

intelligent systems for pyrolysis, gasification and clean application of coals are invented. 

Meanwhile, we also established a robot lab for the research and development of high-end 


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